Company Information

The Property Accounting/Financial Reporting Department at Urban Retail has extensive experience with all aspects of commercial real estate accounting and reporting. The responsibilities of this department include:

The Property Accounting/Financial Reporting Department prepares a comprehensive monthly reporting package that enables ownership to stay apprised of all information relating to the operation of the property. Reporting packages are designed and tailored to meet the requirements of any particular ownership. The department is structured with highly skilled regional accounting managers who help oversee the day-to-day accounting and reporting activities of our on-site property accountants. These regional accounting managers have extensive experience in all aspects of retail and commercial real estate accounting.

Our Accounting/Reporting Department uses CTI as its property management and reporting software and they are proficient with several other industry software packages. This department can customize and design systems to provide reporting in any style or format that an owner desires. The Operational Accounting Department is experienced in the administration of all "back of office" processes and procedures. Among the many responsibilities of this department are:

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