Jim Roberts
Senior Vice President
Marketing & Corporate Communications
(561) 226-1199 direct
(561) 394-6991 fax

Urban's approach to marketing is distinguished in two ways.  Customized marketing plans are created after the analysis of marketing research.  Each plan is developed strategically with the overall goal of marketing the property for sales, income and leasing. These are the critical components that will drive the NOI for the property.  Secondly, each marketing manager works with the corporate marketing staff to develop a program which is specific to the needs of their individual community.  On site expertise and corporate direction produce a cohesive plan and budget which are continually managed for effectiveness.

The corporate marketing staff is composed of seasoned professionals who are skilled in graphic design, analytical training, and bring decades of shopping center marketing experience. When a specific advertising, leasing or PR piece is needed, corporate marketing assists in the development of such pieces and can act as the client when a full service agency is required, directing the project through completion.

Urban Retail does not dictate the marketing programs that its centers participate in, yet determines commonalities among properties and implements cost sharing opportunities when appropriate.