Paul D. Motta
Chief Operating Officer
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Our team of seasoned professionals provides comprehensive Tenant Coordination and Project Management services to retail, commercial developers, and property owners.

Each project receives consistent attention of an individual Tenant Coordinator from start to finish with support from the entire department.  With 23 years of experience covering a range of projects, Urban Retail has an unparalleled depth of knowledge in retail design and construction. For the past 10 years, our Tenant Coordination staff has handled an average of over 700 new deals and major tenant remodels annually.

Our Goals:

  • Expedite and manage the tenant coordination process so all required work is accomplished by the rent commencement date, thus increasing the NOI
  • Enhance the quality of each center through careful review of architectural and engineering drawings for optimal design and function.
  • Provide alternative solutions to tenants and owners for unacceptable designs.

Our professional staff includes degreed architects, registered architects, tenant coordinators and CAD operators bring a great depth of experience and knowledge to every project.

  • In-house design review
  • Sensitive resolution of design conflicts between landlord criteria and tenant expectations
  • Thorough knowledge of retail design and tenant prototypes
  • Technical expertise in all areas of design and construction
  • Space Layout Drawing preparation using CAD
  • Established tenant relationships throughout the retail design industry
  • Proven procedures to track all phases of a project
  • Development of unique property-specific Design Criteria
  • Strong communication skills at all levels
  • Local building department troubleshooting and communication
  • Feasibility studies for reconfiguration projects

Urban Retail's Tenant Coordination Department has the resources to implement a wide range of enhancement projects -- from initial cost estimating to final punchlist, we oversee the process to a successful completion. We have the ability to provide comprehensive project management skills on every project.