Paul D. Motta
Chief Operating Officer
(561) 394-6433 direct
(561) 394-6991 fax

Urban Retail Properties, LLC (Urban), assists property owners as their representative for daily operational tasks and long-term commitment to the property. The primary objective of the Office Management Team is to enhance the vitality of each property and maintain its quality while increasing both bottom line results and asset value for the owner. The Office Management team interfaces with all other departments within Urban while acting as the foundation for the daily operation of the property. Urban practices a property specific approach to the management of all the properties in its portfolio.

The Office Management Team is comprised of highly experienced individuals whose average tenure with Urban is nearly fifteen years. The Office Management Team has experience in the entire office management process including budget preparation, accounting, tenant coordination and tenant space construction, as well as coordinating efforts between the various owners, tenants, and contractors involved during the duration of a lease.  The Urban Office Team offers services ranging from Management, Accounting, Security to Marketing.